Holistic Hacking

This represents a holistic and multidimensional approach to upgrading and transforming Body, Mind and Soul, unlocking human potential and boosting consciousness. Which Transformative Technologies can be of service to this and to what extent? Join me in my exploration.

What is Hacking

Today Hacking is one of the major buzz words. This term is usually associated with illegally breaking and entering of computers to steal information and install viruses. Nowadays it even more represents ways of doing things smarter, easier and more efficient. Mostly by using computer technology like apps, gadgets and wearables (gadgets you can wear on your skin). Mainly to better manage your time, improve your quality of life and your health like in Life Hacking or Biohacking.

What is holistic hacking

Holistic Hacking represents the specific emphasis on a holistic and multidimensional approach to health, wellbeing and human potential. By realizing that apart from a physical body we are also comprised of mental, emotional, spiritual and astral dimensions. This leads to a radically different perspective on being human, on our reality and the search for happiness and wellbeing. This also opens up a radically different view on the implications and applications of computer technology.

Holistic Hacking represents a movement in which we try to find answers to questions like 'how does our consciousness relate to computer technology?', 'what truly unlocks human potential?' and 'what technologies are of service to this?'

Technologies that help us to get to know ourselves better and the world around us, to reflect, contemplate and meditate. That help us to be and stay aware of where we pay our attention to and where we spend our time on. That stimulate us to put our smart phone aside more often. That help us maintain our focus and at the same time let us see the bigger picture and embrace silence. That involve things like heart intelligence and finding meaning and help you develop this. That stimulate us to reflect on how we can embrace computer technology without becoming it. How we can use it as a tool rather than a goal. How we can put our happiness first, our consciousness and our quality of life instead of efficiency, consumerism and financial gain. How we can maintain our autonomy and guard our privacy and personal space. Find a balance between online and offline, analog and virtual.

On this cutting edge of consciousness, human potential and computer technology I organise lectures, events and meetups on a regular basis. Feel free to also join my Facebook group. I hope to see you soon, live or online! 

Consciousness Hacking NL

A great example of Holistic Hacking is Consciousness Hacking. This is a world wide community, initiated in 2013 by Mikey Siegel (see this clip for a short introduction). Currently there are over twenty locations and 10.000 members. All united in the mission to contribute to unlocking human potential, using the best tools from all disciplines: East and West, virtual and analog. To improve our psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Within this community I represent The Netherlands.

Are you curious about how Consciousness Hacking relates to Lifehacking and Biohacking? Read my article here and like my Facebook page.


Another great example of Holistic Hacking is TTL. This is a world wide community, started by Nichol Bradford, of engineers, meditators, scientists, researchers, inventors, makers, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry veterans. Believing that technology should serve more than our productivity, they seek to discover, develop, repurpose and commercialize technologies designed to improve the psychological wellbeing of humanity on a massive scale. Within this vibrant community I represent The Netherlands. Follow me via social media via my Facebook page.

Center for Humane Technology

Co-founded by Tristan Harris, former Design Ethicist at Google and also know for his initiative Timewellspent. This has evolved into this center which strives for technology that is aligned to humans. Technology that serves us, and not drives us apart. CHT envisions a future where we have unobtrusive technology that is yet empowering us. Where the digital world is a natural extension of the real one and a reflection of ourselves. A future where humane technology is the norm, and brings us people in harmony with our lives. A future where digital technology no longer restrains or divides us, but rather helps us reach mankind’s full potential. - 'Realigning Technology with Humanity's best interest'. I'm a member of this community.

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