A sensory leap in awareness

Yfke Laanstra

We are shifting from our five senses aimed at interpreting and experiencing our surroundings to an integrated inner sensory perception.

Virtual Reality (#VR) might, from our current perspective, seem like an enhancement and enrichment tool and as an entertainment tool it certainly is. But on an evolutionary scale it's actually artificially limiting us/ locking us into our current limited capacities. Yes, limited. Whilst we're collectively ready for an organic 'upgrade' through a leap in awareness.

It is no coincidence that technology appeared at such massive speed an on such large scale in our reality. All tool boxes are being emptied to divert our attention.

It's like we're on our evolutionary journey and we're near a major threshold when, all of the sudden, there is this neon lit candy store demanding our attention. Making us wander away from the road we're traveling. Maybe the analogy of a magic shop is more appropriate: filled with all these amazing tricks, spells and equipment leaving us mesmerized and fascinated. Actually hypnotised; our attention diverted from what is truly important. That what we were actually moving towards.

'Our evolutionary journey is not about enhancing the senses, it is about an entire shift in perception. One that will trigger a sensory leap in awareness'

There is nothing outside of us that will enhance anything, seemingly it will but not actually. We're invited to dive deeper into ourselves. It is not our outer cosmos we strive to explore, it is our inner cosmos. If only we would long to journey to our inner stars and planet as much as we wish to explore our outer galaxy. In terraforming our inner planets, exploring ourselves on a cellular level, we can finally travel to galaxies and milky ways that will always remain beyond our reach in our current 3D reality. No matter the technological advances. We will finally see who we really are and what we're really capable of. We will make a quantum leap in our awareness.

'Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens'

As Richard Rudd in The Gene Keys so beautifully states: our potential to transform the inner structure of humanity itself is being diverted out into the world of form, as seen in our technological evolution.

The outer world evolves at the expense of the inner. The outer world is the world of illusion, it is the stage where The Game of Life plays out. Our marvellous Adventure Game of Life. 

For Humanity progress means we have to evolve in your awareness and our next step beyond mental awareness is to leap into the higher awareness of the Heart.

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