Slow Tech

'In our current society we are constantly surrounded by artificial frequencies, artificial work and living environments and we spend more time behind a screen than in direct personal interaction with each other. We're looking more at our smart phone than to our fellow humans.'

~ quote from 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn'

When we're not aware of the implications of this and we don't regularly interrupt this routine by paying attention to ourselves, our body, to nature and to being in true contact with our environment then we'll get disconnected even more.

These topics will be addressed a.o:

  • (Smart phone) Addiction;
  • Attention as the new currency;
  • Multitasking;
  • Deep Work and Focus;
  • Human needs;
  • Disconnected - analogue and virtual connection;
  • (anti)Social Media;
  • Slow Tech: being mindful with computer technology;
  • Tips: apps and software.